Joint Filler

Joint Filler

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Brand Name︰TYL®-Cell 100

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description


TYL®-Cell 100 is closed cell non-absorbent, firm, compressible, single thickness, non-rotting polyethylene joint filler for use as a expansion joint filler in brick, block work and concrete where a readily compressible low load transfer joint filler is required.



1. Road work and on grade slab expansion joint

2. Isolation layer between concrete structures

3. Drainage work, water retaining and watertight structures

4. Expansion joint filler in bridge decks and abutments

5. As a gap filler to fill open joints in panel construction to provide support for joint sealants

6. As a caulking material

7. Water retaining structures for potable and fresh water



1. Readily compressible

2. Excellent recovery

3. Resistant to aerobic and anaerobic microbiological attack

4. Resistant to pests, diesel oil, petrol, dilute acids and alkalis attack

5. Resistant to pests such as termites

6. When it is use as the joint filler, no additional bond breaker tape is necessary

7. Regulate depth of sealant application

8. Durable and non-toxic

9. Not release toxic gases if it is ignited


Specification Compliance

CEDD G.S. Clause 10.11 and 10.19

CEDD G.S. Clause 16.74 to 16.75

CEDD G.S. Clause 16.81(1)(a)

CEDD G.S. Clause 16.92 (a) to (c)


Physical& Mechanical Properties

Recovery Value: >70%

Reduction in Mass: 0.0%

Weathering Test: No disintegration

Extrusion Test: <6mm



Thickness: 10mm, 20mm, 25mm, 50mm and 100mm

Size: 1m x 2m

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