Bitumen Impregnated Fiber Board Joint Filler

Bitumen Impregnated Fiber Board Joint Filler

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Brand Name︰TYL®-Cell 470

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description


TYL®-Cell 470 is compressible, non-extruding, bitumen impregnated fiber board joint filler for use in forming joints between in-situ and pre-cast concrete components. 



1. Regulate depth of sealant application.

2. Isolation layer between concrete structures.

3. Forming structure expansion and separation joints.



1. Readily compressible

2. Easy to apply

3. Will not extrude under compression

4. Resilient



Sheet Thickness: 9mm, 12mm, 20mm and 25mm

Sheet Size: 4' x 7'